Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Word? Wicked Weed and A-B?

Cheers Everyone.

Every morning brings another opportunity for mind-blowing news to hit the beer scene. Well the news of Wicked Weed signing with Anheuser-Busch’s unit specializing in craft and imports called The High End almost made me spit out my coffee.
There seems to be a civil war of sorts going on in the brewing industry regarding craft breweries (see the official definition here from the Brewers Association) and what some call the Bigs, the Majors, the Macros, or even is some social circles, the Evil Empires. This is something that I have been keeping an eye on for a while now. There are so many subplots to how this affects consumers, bar owners, marketing, retail, employees, media…hell, even hop growers.
I am honestly torn.
There is no doubt that I will always have a place in my heart for the underdog, the minority, the scrappy dude who uses any means necessary to thrive independently. It’s in my blood and have to be in that state of mind my whole life just because of constantly being in that situation one way or another. In the beer world, there are certainly some similarities. There were many times where I simply saw what was going down and was like, word? Did that just happen?
Like remember when that A-B commercial campaign was constantly run where they shitted on microbreweries and craft beer snobs a couple of Super Bowls ago? Hell yes. Cussed like a drunk sailor the first time it came on.
And of course, there is the worry that those breweries who do merge with one of the majors will lose the soul they put into the wondrous craft brews that garnered respect in the first the place. Will they be watered down? Will they suck? Will there no longer be any one-offs or barrel-aged gangster releases anymore? Will there be any more risqué marketing gimmicks and eye-popping art on the labels? Will they still host events for the community and support the arts?
Wicked Weed bringing brews
to a tap takeover at The Porter. 
Plus, there’s that consistent cloud over every purist’s head wondering who will be next.
Well, being a Libra and always about balance, I have sat down with those who were involved with a brewery partnering with a macro; homies who kept it real and are true friends of mine. They usually began conversations with a somewhat defeated “I know, I know.”  
Yes, they know that some of their favorite beer bars who solely support independents will not pour their beer anymore. They know handshakes from some loyalists will not be as firm. And yes, they also know a lot of their usually casual, shoot-the-breeze chats will involve fielding questions about the merger.
I also know that, according to what they have told me, they will (in many cases) have more benefits, resources, and access to markets and regions they previously couldn’t dream of entering. And I know they will still have a gang of beers from independents in their refrigerators at home. And I know some of the owners are realizing their dreams of having their brews poured in hotels, stadiums, pubs, and restaurants throughout the nation and in some cases, overseas. 
Of course, I also know there are others who get pissed at being overruled to join majority, bounce, and start from scratch once again. Which some eventually find refreshing.
It is what it is.
I just pray the playground is as even as possible when it comes to the access of hops, grains, and other ingredients for cats like Three Floyds, Creature Comforts, Beachwood, Wrecking Bar, Three Taverns, Alchemist, Bissell Brothers, and Scofflaw to name a few. That enough shelf space, menu print, and taps will still be allotted to beer worthy of prominent placement. Basically, that everybody will play nice. But only time will tell.
Regarding Wicked Weed’s latest business move, I can’t wait to talk with some of their reps and staff about this. They are my peoples. They have showed me love wherever I went. I have Instagrams with me rocking their schwag. I have visited them numerous times at the main brewery, the Funkatorium, and Pub in Asheville. And I will continue to do so. They are good people and shit, they make good ass beer.
And hell, if I have the chance to sip their Pernicious IPA in Jamaica or somewhere accustomed to having a bullshit selection of brews, I definitely won’t be mad at that. But I promise you this: I will be objectively holding it up to the light, smelling it, and sipping it with some scrutiny to see if shit done changed. 
Below is the official press release straight from Anheuser-Busch.
Happy sippin'.

This image is straight from Anheuser-Busch's site.

New York and Asheville, NC, May 3, 2017–
 Wicked Weed Brewing, one of Asheville’s most creative and fastest-growing craft breweries will be joining The High End, Anheuser-Busch’s business unit focused on its craft and import brands.
Wicked Weed, founded in Asheville in 2012 by Walt and Luke Dickinson and lifelong friends Ryan, Rick and Denise Guthy, has created over 500 different beers since it opened almost five years ago. Starting with clean West Coast IPAs and authentic Belgian ales, Wicked Weed has progressively moved into creating sours.  Now, Wicked Weed is widely known for their west coast style IPA’s including GABF silver medal winners Pernicious IPA, Lunatic Belgian Blonde as well as a wide range of award winning barrel-aged sour and farmhouse ales.
“This is an exciting time for the entire brewing team,” said co-founder Walt Dickinson. “Our ability to create a wide range of really well executed beers that are focused on creativity, quality and drinkability is what makes Wicked Weed great. We have chosen to partner with The High End to position ourselves to make Wicked Weed what we imagined it could be when we first sat at a craft beer bar and talked about opening a brewery. As a brewer, giving our team more resources to continue innovating our portfolio and the ability to reach more craft drinkers, allows us to keep putting the beer and the people first.”
Wicked Weed Brewing owns and operates four facilities in Asheville: their original Downtown brewpub where they produce over 150 different beers a year, the “Funkatorium,” the first dedicated sour beer taproom and barrel house on the East Coast, a 50-barrel production brewery in West Asheville, and the “Funk House and company headquarters,” a custom-designed brewhouse and training facility.
“Asheville has been our home for almost thirty years, and we believe this partnership will benefit our entire community, which has a deeply rooted passion for beer,” added co-founder Rick Guthy. “With our team’s heightened ability to innovate our hoppy and sour styles using the highest-quality ingredients around, we hope more and more beer drinkers will flock to Asheville to taste what we have to offer. Our pub and Funkatorium will stay focused on producing creative beers and will be part of Asheville’s beer tourism for years to come.”
“We are excited to welcome Walt, Luke, Ryan, Rick, Denise, and the entire Wicked Weed team into our High End family, said Felipe Szpigel, president, The High End. “It’s clear to me Wicked Weed is redefining what sophistication in beer can mean, with their amazing offerings being relevant in a wide variety of occasions. Their ability to brew the highest quality beers, in a variety of styles, along with their exciting barrel program, leads me to be optimistic about what our futures hold together."
Anheuser-Busch's partnership with Wicked Weed is subject to regulatory approval. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Wicked Weed Brewing
Wicked Weed Brewing is based in Asheville, North Carolina. Founded in December 2012, the original brewpub consistently hosts 25+ beers on tap including hop-forward, West Coast-style ales, open fermented Belgians, and barrel-aged beers. With the opening of the second location, The Funkatorium, in October 2013, Wicked Weed is striving to become one of the leading producers of barrel-aged sour and wild beers in the Southeastern United States.
Wicked Weed Brewing was awarded a gold medal for both 100% Brettanomyces Serenity in 2013, Mompara Honey Ale in 2014, a silver medal for Pernicious IPA in 2015, and a silver medal for Lunatic Belgian Blonde at the Great American Beer Festival. The brewery also received a bronze medal for Tyrant Double Red IPA in 2014, a bronze medal for La Bonté Pear in 2016 and a bronze medal for Red Angel in 2016 at the World Beer Cup. Wicked Weed continued its expansion in summer 2015 with a 50-barrel production brewery allowing for a wider distribution footprint in select states, and added a sour and wild dedicated brewery and barrel-house in South Asheville in fall 2016. Learn more at

About Anheuser-Busch
For more than 160 years, Anheuser-Busch and its world-class brewmasters have carried on a legacy of brewing America’s most-popular beers. Starting with the finest ingredients sourced from Anheuser-Busch’s family of growers, every batch is crafted using the same exacting standards and time-honored traditions passed down through generations of proud Anheuser-Busch brewmasters and employees. Anheuser-Busch owns and operates 19 breweries, 21 distributorships and 22 agricultural and packaging facilities, employing more than 16,000 people across the United States. For more information, visit

About The High End
The High End is a business unit of Anheuser-Busch, created to provide its unique craft and European import brands with autonomy and support for growth, while fostering a collaborative environment for the brightest brewers in the beer community. The High End brings dedicated resources to support the growth of its brands, create successful partnerships and deliver more variety to consumers. Established in 2015, The High End includes brands such as Stella Artois and Shock Top, along with craft partners Goose Island, Blue Point, 10 Barrel, Elysian, Golden Road, Virtue Cider, Four Peaks, Breckenridge Brewery, Devils Backbone, SpikedSeltzer and Karbach Brewing Co. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Check out my article on Terrapin's new brewery at Braves' SunTrust Park!

The new beer website October shows Georgia love!

What's up, Everyone?!
Since October ( launched last month, my first assignment with them was to cover their dope launch party in Charlotte featuring Run The Jewels ,and their brewing collab with Interboro and Burial here
Well, my second one is this piece on Terrapin having their own Taproom and microbrewery called the ATL Beer Lab at The Battery Atlanta
I have been following Terrapin for a long time and had a ball writing this one up. Interviewing the co-founder and brewmaster Brian "Spike" Bucowski certainly made it fun as well. By the way, they brought on two more standout talents—ATL Brew Lab Head Brewer Chad Martin (formerly of SweetWater) and Brewmaster Peter Trapani who used to be with Sierra Nevada! It is a huge move for Terrapin and keeps craft beer drinkers happy when attending the game or chilling at the very festive Battery ATL.
In fact, I am heading there tonight for the grand opening of another Battery edition, Sports & Social. From what I saw a week ago when they were still building it, it is going to be amazing!
Look for more of my articles on October soon. 


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Get a seat at the Farmer Fund Dinner with Creature Comforts and Saltyard!

Once again it's on! Last year's sold out and it was awesome! 
Eat for a great cause this Thursday in support of the Farmer Fund but hurry because the seats will sell out! 
After gawking at the GANGSTER Creature Comforts beer list paired with the culinary genius of Chef Nick Leahy, this is going to be an awesome dining and sipping experience. I have done numerous tasting events with "Slick Nick" like this one and he takes things very seriously when it comes to pleasing his audience. Of course, Saltyard is one of the best restaurants in the South and Creature out of Athens is celebrating their 3rd birthday this weekend, so you know they will be in a happy mood. Basically, it's a no-brainer situation, so come through!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Plans: Join Der Biergarten Stein Club

Photo by @Stephen Oakey/AleandOak/CruisinForABrewsin
Cruisin’ Correspondent Alan Fowler gets his ‘Prost’  on at downtown’s German-inspired hot spot!

My homey and Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’ correspondent Alan Fowler holds down Atlanta for me while I’m on the road, and downtown’s Der Biergarten showed him love. Down the street from Stats, College Football Hall of Fame, Centennial Park, Georgia Aquarium, and the Hawks’ Phillips Arena to name a few attractions, Der Biergarten is one of the most authentic German biergarten experiences in Georgia. Well now there’s their Stein Club to get us through the warm months and Alan checked it out to see what it entails. Check him out. My man Stephen Oakey took the photos.

Alan Fowler says…
Spring Plans: Join Der Biergarten Stein Club
Photo by Stephen Oakey/Ale&Oak/Cruisin' For A Brewsin
There are lots of clubs that people can join, including book, sports, fitness, and cooking clubs. However, none of them would come close to satisfying life's needs in the way Der Biergarten's Stein Club does.
The Stein Club provides its members with endless $8 liter drafts every time they visit. Each draft is poured into an exclusive, European-made, members-only stein that is kept safely behind the bar while not in use. Trust me, the Stein is a thing of beauty; even more so when it is overflowing with authentic German suds that await consumption by eager beer drinkers basking on the festive outdoor patio underneath the ATL skyline.
Der Biergarten serves up the finest in German suds on draft, with new beers being rotated constantly so that Stein Club members will always have a reason to stop by and have a taste. As mentioned, but worth another reminder, that every liter poured for Stein Club members is only $8 (aside from the high gravity beers). For those well versed in beer economics, it is easy to see that the savings can really add up, and the more you drink, the better the value. Stein Club members also receive VIP invitations to special events throughout the year and 20 percent off all retail merchandise.
Der Biergarten truly is a gem amongst the Atlanta beer scene. They provide a taste of Bavaria right downtown not only with the beer, but also with their food and overall atmosphere. It is a great place to catch a game, check in after work, or just stop in for an afternoon and relax.
Evidently, Der Biergarten is made even better when you are a Stein Club member, so be sure to check out this link and join up!


For more Stein Club info, click here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Yo! Check out the new Creature Comforts Triangulation!

This is their new bourbon barrel-aged mixed fermentation ale with blackberries. Say whaaat?

Yo, yo!
These cats out of Athens, GA are not playin’! Creature Comforts just announced that they have this new release called Triangulation. At 8.6% ABV and bottled in 500mL bottles, this new joint sounds delicious! They say, “Triangulation is an adaptation and refinement of a beer previously released from our Curious Series of beers, The Curious No. 3. The Curious Series is a limited release series designed to explore new techniques, flavors and ingredients. Triangulation is the first beer from The Curious Series to receive a unique name and be produced on a larger scale!”

The dope label is designed by Creature Comforts Tour Staff member Melissa Merrill using watercolor. Killin' it!
Anyway, I am at the Craft Brewers Conference in DC. I will be kicking it with them and the rest of the hundreds of breweries through Thursday! Stay tuned for my gangster coverage.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cruisin’ Presents: Tunes Around A-Town

Veteran rockers The Zombies are at Variety Playhouse to celebrate 50 years of their classic album
Odessey and Oracle tonight! 
Guest Writer Alan Fowler reports on three live shows going on in ATL tonight, Saturday, April 8th!

The other day, a good friend of mine said I needed to be cloned because there is so much to cover not only in one of the greatest cities in the world—Atlanta, GA—but worldwide. Well to make sure some of the great shows won’t be missed, music enthusiast and talented writer Alan Fowler was more than happy to bless us with highlighting three live shows going on today, Saturday, April 8th. This was right on time because Arches Brewing'sbirthday is today, Yard House has a grand opening after that in Battery Park, one of the dopest beer fests in the nation-Classic City—is Sunday, and then it’s the Craft BrewersConference all next week. In other words, Alan’s article gives me a little “break.”
Say hello to The Zombies, Robert Lee Coleman, and Cody Marlowe. They will be at a trio of historic venues, including Variety Playhouse, Northside Tavern, and Eddie’s Attic!
Again, a shout out goes to Alan and his pen game. He did a great job as you can see below. Look for more contributions soon!
Have an awesome weekend!
Saturday, April 8, 8 pm
The Zombies are one of the most influential bands of the second half of the 20th century. Although they did not receive the comparable stardom of bands with similar styles of the same era, their relevance today is a testimony to their pioneering creativity.
Their show at Variety Playhouse on Saturday is a chance for ardent followers of the band, as well as relative newcomers to immerse themselves in the sound and aura of what Rolling Stone pegs as the 100th Greatest Album in their Top 500 Albums ChartThe Odessey and Oracle album has influenced bands and artists from a multitude of genres since its release. The Zombies claim this will be their last tour supporting the release, so if tickets remain available, it would be wise to grab them.
Judging on reviews of previous tour stops, The Zombies' performance of the album has not lost one bit of its original mystique and has even elevated the status of some of the songs through the use of subtle arrangement variances and the inevitable influences of passing time. Attending this show should be considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear musical genius that transcends time and place.
To learn more, and explore ticket options, visit the Variety Playhouse website ( @VarPlayhouse @TheZombiesMusic.

Robert Lee Coleman
Saturday, April 8, 10 pm
Robert Lee Coleman is a Georgia music stalwart, perhaps most known for his roles supporting legends such as Percy Sledge and James Brown. But Coleman, a Macon native, is pretty damn capable as a frontman as well. Coleman and his former backing trio (known as the Night Owls) have only recently amicably split up to each pursue new ventures. Coleman is now playing with new members under the moniker of "RLC." You can catch Coleman and his new group this tonight at Northside Tavern. The show starts at 10 pm and can be expected to last until 2 am. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.
In an ode to the legend and pioneering spirit of Chuck Berry, here is a video of Coleman covering the genre shattering tune of "Johnny B. Goode."

Saturday, April 8, 7 pm
Marlowe is a seasoned veteran within the Atlanta music scene, having joined forces with numerous musicians in a variety of styles and genres over the past half dozen years during his time in the city. His upcoming gig will be accompanied by his backing band and will be preceded with an act from Country Rock/Folk singer-songwriter, Austin Coleman.
Marlowe has always been known to craft heartfelt lyrics that penetrate the emotional surface of a variety of life's experiences (most notably love and love lost), and pairs those lyrics with melodies that illuminate his blues and rock influences. Sample some of his tunes at
For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit Eddie's Attic, and follow them at @eddiesattic and @CodyMarlowe.



Friday, April 7, 2017

We kicked it for National Beer Day on NBC’s Atlanta & Co.!

It was off the chain with Atlanta & Co. host
Cara Kneer, Jade Hall, and Nyssa Green!
This morning, it was Sublime Donuts, Hampton + Hudson, Atlanta & Co., your homey Ale, and a gang of beer!

Hey Y’all!
Even with the numerous plane cancellations and plane delays leaving Memphis last night, I still made it imperative to not miss this morning’s segment with the always fun talk show on NBC affiliate 11Alive which ushers in Atlanta’s weekdays with humor and news 11 am-1230 pm, Atlanta & Co.! In honor of celebrating National Beer Day (which I wrote about here), they invited me to come through and talk about this monumental day’s history, pour some beers, maybe pair it with something. Well hell, I said sure because I know a few breweries, plus I wanted to bring in a different theme regarding the vittles. Hence, I hit up the gangster donut spot called Sublime and one of my favorite hangouts, Hampton + Hudson (who I juuuuuuust featured on this blog here), and made it a dessert fest! Hampton has an awesome "Woopie Pie" made with house beer marshmallows, and Sublime is simply flawless with those doughy Os, so there you go!
Mouths were drooling, I had a blast pouring beer for host Cara Kneer, and overall loved every minute! The breweries I featured included Creature Comforts, Burial, Wicked Weed, Bells, 21st Amendment, Great Divide, Lindemans, and Catawba. So that I won’t spoil it, here is the segment. Shout out to producer Jade Hall for making it happen, regular personality Tom Sullivan, Nyssa Green, and the entire staff!

Happy National Beer Day homies!


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Meet Hampton + Hudson’s new Executive Chef Savannah Sasser!

New Executive Chef Savannah Sasser plans on making us drool!
One of my favorite restaurants in ATL 
continues to make moves!

Hey Y’all!
Although I am still regrouping from doing some Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’ in Memphis this past week (see some of my kicking it on my Instagram hashtag #cruisinforabrewsinmemphis), but I couldn’t wait to tell you about one of my favorite restaurants making a serious power move.
My favorite husband and wife restaurant team—Hampton + Hudson’s Billy and Jenn Streck—just signed a super talented executive chef and butcher named Savannah Sasser. She was formerly with Twain’s Brewpub in Decatur, but now is blessing Inman Park’s bustling restaurant scene with her skills. Below is the official press release along with more pics from Caren West PR.
Make sure you check Hampton out! I dig it! They have a dope beer selection, too.


Hampton + Hudson Announces Savannah Sasser As Executive Chef And Introduces New Menu

New, Chef-Driven Menu Featuring Spring Offerings, Signature Favorites and Seasonal Cocktails is Now Available

Restaurateurs Billy and Jenn Streck are excited to announce that Savannah Sasser has been tapped as the Executive Chef for Hampton + Hudson - a community driven bar and restaurant located in the heart of Inman Park. Formerly with Twain’s Brewpub & Billiards, Sasser, a celebrated chef and butcher, brings a wealth of experience to one of Atlanta’s hottest haunts. A Georgia Crown Chef and an active member of the La Dames d’Escoffier International Atlanta Chapter, Chef Sasser has introduced a spring menu featuring an array of new items, including more vegan options, along with her creative spin on signature favorites.

"I work towards a kitchen environment that is seasonal and local as much as possible; a place where guests know where their food is coming from is what I strive for,” says Sasser.  “Not only did we decide to move in a healthier direction, most of our food is now sourced from local farmers as a way to give back to and support the community. It also allows us to use the freshest ingredients possible.”

With a diverse range of options for all tastes, from sharable starters, salads and daily flatbreads to bountiful entrees and decadent desserts, immediate standouts on the new menu include:  house-made Pasta of the Day; Fresh Market Fish Daily; Cured Salmon Deviled Eggs – house cured salmon, cucumber relish and dill; Bee’s Knees Burger - Brasstown beef burger with H+H smoked pimento cheese, pickled green tomato chutney, H+H bacon cut and cured by Sasser, and a Ratio Bakery sesame bun; Vegan Spring Vegetables and Dumplings - compressed carrots, peas, fiddlehead ferns, and foraged mushrooms; and the vegan fava bean and quinoa burger - curry fried Brussels sprouts, lemon aioli, Pure Abundance cashew cheese, and a sesame seed bun. Charcuterie lovers will delight to see Sasser has introduced the H+H Board, which boasts duck pastrami jerky, sour cherry mustard, chicken liver pate, Vidalia onion compote, smoked pickled vegetables, and H+H cheese straws.  New takes on signature offerings like the Charred Octopus, Hampton + Hudson Hot Chicken Biscuit Sliders, and Hangover Fries are also sure to impress. Finally, inspired by fun, childhood comfort food, desserts like the new vegan Banana Pudding, Sasser’s house-made H+H Whoopie Pie, Jess’s Cobbler and homemade ice cream sandwiches that change daily are ideal endings (or beginnings) to any meal.
To compliment the new menu, imbibers can also sip on spring cocktails that play to the season. Additions to the already extensive craft beer, wine and classic cocktail options now include:  Exquisite Corpse – Broker’s Gin, Cocchi Americano, lemon, basil, and absinthe; Below Sea Level - George Dickle No. No. 8, pure cane syrup, Peychaud’s Bitters, and 1821 Spicy Creole Bitters; Kentucky Castro - Four Roses Yellow Label, Demerara syrup, lime juice, mint, topped with soda; Fancy Talk - Cathead Honey Suckle Vodka, seasonal fruit syrup, lemon, prosecco; and Like a Glove - Blackwell Rum, lime, ginger shrub, fresh pineapple puree, 1821 Spicy Creole Bitters, float Decanter Bitters; cucumber garnish, and more. With two cocktails always on draft, Hampton + Hudson now has the Ripe and Ready Gin and Tonic and the H&H Old Fashioned. Finally, named after the local neighborhood dog (and regular), Ruby, coffee lovers can enjoy the Ruby White coffee cocktail made with Banjo Cold Brew nitro coffee, cognac crème de cacao, triple sec, cream, and chocolate bitters.
"Savannah is a great addition to our H+H family. She is passionate, creative, talented and shares our sentiment about being community driven. We are so happy to have her as a part of our team, and we can’t wait to see what we can do together,” says Billy Streck.

Hampton + Hudson serves lunch, dinner, late night snacks and weekend brunch. The new lunch and dinner is now available. For more information and to see the full menus, visit

About Hampton + Hudson:
Restaurateurs Billy and Jenn Streck opened their first solo concept, Hampton + Hudson, a community driven bar and restaurant, in Inman Park in May of 2016.  Together the two are created a distinct neighborhood bar and restaurant that focuses on the overall experience, redefines how diners look at pub food, and features a well-rounded bar program. The 3,500-square foot space boasts a mezzanine, large, central bar, private dining areas and an intimate outdoor patio.  Hampton + Hudson is located in Inman Park at 299 N. Highland Ave., Unit L, Atlanta, GA 30307. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 a.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to midnight. For more on Hampton + Hudson, visit Stay connected on Twitter at @_HamptonHudson and on Instagram at @HamptonHudson and on Facebook at

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Check out the Run The Jewels beer and concert I covered for the new 'October' site!

The all-new beer website October had me cover Jewels’ performance and beer at their launch party in Charlotte. It was crazy!

When I hit up Charlotte, NC, on Tuesday, March 14th, the first night kicked off with me going by a super fly beer garden called VBGB Beer Hall & Garden for a brew and small bites (Go there!), and then covering the launch of a new beer culture site called October. I happily accepted the idea of collaborating with them because they are going to be no joke. With the support of Pitchfork's Slow Focus StudioZX Ventures, Condé Nast, Good Beer Hunting, and BeerGraphs, October is undoubtedly going to be MAJOR in the sippin’ scene. I mean hell, they entered the game blasting thanks to Run The Jewels rocking their launch party. I had the pleasure of writing and shooting their performance, plus trying their new beer collabo brewed by Interboro out of New York; it’s a Northeast-style IPA at 6 percent called “Stay Gold” named after a track on RTJ’s new album, RTJ3!
The 'Stay Gold' IPA at 6 percent is phenomenal! This is brewed and shot by Interboro based in Brooklyn, NY.
The party was off the meter as you can tell from my play-by-play calling here. I am not going to spoil the fun, so just read it and see how crazy this night was. I am writing a lot more for October and welcome you to follow them. They will only make the world’s beer experience that much more informative and enjoyable.
Anyway, peep this article and stay tuned for more dopeness!
The RTJ crowd was LIT!



Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Stone’s former brewmaster Mitch Steele has a ‘New Realm’ Atlanta brewery project coming!

Just arriving back to ATL, I hear this dope news. Word! 
From left to right: Mitch Steele, Carey Falcone and Bob Powers (Photo by Sara Hanna Photography and New Realm Brewery)

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!
So after a whirlwind of plane hopping to Cali, Utah, back to Cali, then Charlotte and recently southern Florida, I returned to my beloved city of ATL. I have so many damn pics to update on my Instagram, Twitter and this blog, plus a gang of articles do, so the grind is real. Regardless, I am blessed to be home after putting two uncles to rest in between exploring the world. (Rest in peace Uncle George and Uncle Jay.)
Well to confirm Atlanta will continue to be one of the best beer cities in the world, I received the great news that one of the best brewers in the world—Mitch Steele (formerly Stone Brewing’s brewmaster and IPA king)—is setting up shop with an all new brewing complex just down the street from me at 820 Ralph McGill Blvd. near our burgeoning Beltline. Hell effin’ yeah! I had the pleasure of meeting Steele a few times in the past and recently judged the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting with him earlier this year. Trust me, he is super cool.
Anyway, Brother Steele has graciously relocated to the ATL, and partnered with Carey Falcone and Bob Powers to bring the city a “New Realm” in terms of an extraordinary sippin’ and eating experience. Wait, “eating”? Yep!
In a recent press release (Whaddup Kitsy!), Co-Founder and CEO Falcone says, “It has taken us quite a bit of time—over many beers, of course—to create our vision and land on the right name for our future brewery and restaurant. New Realm speaks to our desire to create a new realm in brewing and dining experiences, and to support an outstanding and dynamic local craft beer community.”
Powers, the other Co-Founder and CCO, chimed in. “Plans are underway to bring Atlanta and its visitors a distinctive venue to enjoy craft beer and great artisanal foods in an inviting, unique and fun atmosphere,” he said. “In addition to our production brewery, we will have a restaurant, as well as both a rooftop bar and an outdoor beer garden at New Realm and we look forward to unveiling design plans in the near future.”
Now this is some good ass news! And if that wasn't enough, the seriously dope firm ai3 will be handling the architecture and design. Whoa!
ATL, get ready to have another gangster beer destination. I will be announcing the exact grand opening date as soon as I get word.

Follow New Realm on Instagram and Twitter at @newrealmbrewing, and on Facebook at New Realm Brewing.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Direct Sales from GA Breweries and Distilleries Gets Love in the ‘House’!

Senate Bill 85 is in the ‘House’ passing 147 to 14!

I guess Mondays aren’t that bad!

This is a big step for Georgia’s breweries and distilleries and get our state to, well, a state of normalcy when it comes to selling our brews and spirits like pretty much everyone else. Passing in the House of Representatives today with a vote of 147 to 14, Senate Bill 85 now goes back to the Senate for their very possible thumbs up. This Schoolhouse Rock episode featuring my man "Bill" pictured up top is a perfect reflection of what is going down with SB 85 (but on a national level), but hopefully the ending will be just as happy.
Below is the official press release coming straight from the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild. Shout outs to Senate Bill 85 author Senator Rick Jeffares (R-Locust Grove), Howard Maxwell (R-Dallas) for carrying it through the House, and Nancy Palmer, the exec and big cheese for of GCBG!

Bill to Allow Limited Direct Sales from Breweries and Distilleries Passes Vote in House of Representatives

The 2017 Georgia House of Representatives voted today in favor of legislation to allow consumers to purchase beer or spirits directly at the brewery or distillery where they are made. Senate Bill 85, authored by Senator Rick Jeffares (R-Locust Grove) and carried in the House by Representative Howard Maxwell (R-Dallas), passed with vote of 147 to 14. 
“This legislation is a victory for small businesses across our state from Blue Ridge to the Golden Isles,” said Speaker of the House David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge). “I appreciate all of the stakeholders coming together and working out a solution that empowers our craft brewers and distillers to create more jobs. As Georgia’s economy continues to grow and new industries and entities enter the marketplace, this legislation will serve as an example of how to move forward in a positive and mutually-beneficial way.”    
Throughout the summer and fall of 2016 business leaders from craft breweries and their wholesale partners met to discuss common sense updates to benefit the beer industry in Georgia. “With suggestions championed by both brewers and wholesalers, Speaker of the House David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge), Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, House Regulated Industries Committee Chairman Howard Maxwell, and Senator Rick Jeffares have provided guidance to create this legislation. Their commitment to supporting the small businesses of Georgia shines through in SB85,” said Nancy Palmer, Executive Director of the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild.  
In the House Regulated Industries Committee under the guidance of Chairman Howard Maxwell, Representative Ron Stephens, and Representative Alan Powell, SB85 was modified to represent the terms of a compromise reached by the Georgia Distillers Association and the Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of Georgia. With the new language added, visitors to breweries and distilleries will be able to sample products by the glass, take up to three 750 ml bottles of spirits or one case of beer to go, and purchase food without the current tour and tasting requirements. Both distilleries and breweries will be subject to an annual sales cap of 500 and 3000 barrels respectively. Furthermore, the bill slightly modifies the brewpub license to reinforce local control on issues of to-go sales from brewpubs. 
According to Palmer the Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association and the Georgia Municipal Association are also due credit, “The wholesalers of Georgia and our allies in cities across this state have been crucial in this process.” 
Having found common ground with his counterparts in the industry, Chris Sywassink of Ghost Coast Distillery and the Georgia Distillers Association added, “We’re grateful to our wholesale and retail partners for the time they have spent working with us in a spirit of cooperation for the last year. And we’re fortunate that leadership within the Georgia legislature has created an environment that encouraged compromise and communication.  The GDA is especially indebted to Speaker David Ralston, Chairman Howard Maxwell and Chairman Ron Stephens for their time, energy, encouragement and tireless efforts over the past 2 years.” 

Having been amended in the House of Representatives, SB85 will now head back to the Senate for consideration. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017 interviews me on their dope site!

One of the top beer websites in the world did a feature on me and I have you to thank.

Cheers Everyone!
Okay, so I am in Utah and California working on some projects, articles, and reviewing the incredible all-new Land Rover Discovery for most of the time. (It is seriously gangster.) Anyway, when staying at one of the most mind-blowing hotels in the world—the Amangiri—I didn’t have any mobile coverage because it is straight up in the mountains away from everything.
Well when I finally get back to civilization, all my emails, texts and social media alerts hit my phone all at once, but seeing this interview with me and talented writer Jay Wood for blew my mind straight up. It was so well done. All I did was keep it 100 with Jay, sent them two of my favorite profile photos taken by my homies Christopher Watkins and Natrice Miller (The Cultured Lens), and boom, a gangster piece!
I thank you, the readers of this blog, followers of my social media handles, attendees of my events, beer lovers throughout the world, and my people who have supported me to the point of getting recognition like this. Please read this when you get a sec. I trust you will dig it. You know I did!
Shout out to Jess Baker, the big cheese at, too!



Monday, February 27, 2017

Check out SweetWater’s Warm Art event this weekend!

Art, music, and beer? Oh my!

Now you know I love hosting events that incorporate music, art and yes, beer! Well evidently, so does SweetWater! My homey and gangster brewer Chris Meadows along with his SweetWater squad are hosting a dope event this weekend. If many if you remember, we did an awesome event together to launch my creative agency called Beast Feast. It was amazing and we will surely collaborate again in the near future. But for now, this joint called Warm Art held in their new sour facility called The Woodlands next to the main brewery is popping this upcoming Sunday, March 5th. Here is the info below straight from the source.

The homey Chris Meadows is throwing down this Sunday. He knows how to party!
Do you enjoy art, music and beer? Then check this out!

Warm Art has been bridging the gap between music and art in Atlanta since 2002. To celebrate our history and friendships together, we've rented out SweetWater Brewing Company's newest facility, called The Woodlands. This new facility is not only a world-class event space, it's also home to SweetWater's new sour beer & barrel-aging projects.
As if the stunning backdrop of barrels, puncheons and foeders was not enough to look at; we are turning the facility into an art gallery for the evening. Prints and paintings of all sizes will be on display and for sale throughout the facility. Ten different artists will be in attendance, & Pieter van der Meer will be painting live during the event. Warm Art has quite the history with Pieter. We've played music during many events while he paints live, creating many pieces throughout the years. The injection of music, djs and a social environment add to our experience as artists. Our music can influence his art, and his art can influence our choice in music.
Join us on Sunday, March 5th for a very special event. Warm Art will set the mood with smoked beats, served chilled; SweetWater's Woodlands Project will provide the liquids.
The event is free to attend, however to enjoy the selection of craft drafts being served, a custom commemorative glass is available for $20 and includes your tickets for beers at the bar.
Commemorative glass is yours to keep as a souvenir.
* DJ's include Rob Dowell, Brett Soll, Christian Thomas, Justin Brady, Chris Meadows & Ryan Wofford
** the specific beer list will be published prior to the event and will be custom-tuned for this event by SweetWater's Lead Brewer Chris Meadows and The Woodlands Project's Manager Troy Montrone. Several one-of-a-kind kegs and pilot brews will be served in addition to the regular SW lineup. Funky beers, sour beers, barrel-aged-beers, pilot beers from "The Hatchery" and "Big Fish" from the year-round lineup.