Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It’s a Three Taverns tap takeover this Thursday at Cameli’s Pizza!

The Rapturous, Night On Ponce, Feest Noel 
Belgian-style quad are on tizzap!

Cameli’s Pizza at 699 Ponce De Leon Avenue aka the Ford Factory Lofts is hosting a ThreeTaverns tap takeover on Thursday, December 8th starting at 7 pm! The "Three" the hard way will include the Rapturous, Night On Ponce IPA, and the newly released (and delicious) bourbon-barrel-aged Feest Noel Belgian-style quad spiced with cardamom, cloves and allspice at 10 percent ABV. 
To add, I heard Three Taverns will continue to love with making this the renowned pizza joint the first to debut their newest IPA called Amulet from the upcoming Hop Leaf Series. Said to be a straight up juicy hop bomb at six percent, I'm like whaaaaaat?! I am there! The Amulet plus the initial trio will be the move this Thursday!

Keep sippin’ local and in this case, with a slice!


Monday, December 5, 2016

Here is the Brewers Association’s 2016 Craft Beer Year in Review

 Here is one of the facts I received from the Brewers Association's 2016 review which happens to be my favorite beer style.

Cheers Y’all!

I am always about spreading good news when it comes to craft beer, and at the Brewers Association sent me a lot of it with their defining moments, facts and figures regarding the world’s best beverage for 2016. Go here for the direct link to their Web post discussing everything from the best beer city (Portland, OR) to the impressive percentage of people who are now pairing their beers with what they eat when dining out!
In the official press release, Brewers Association Chief Economist Bart Watson says, “In the face of numerous opportunities and challenges in 2016, small and independent craft brewers continue to thrive. This community should be very proud of what it has accomplished and how far it has come.”
Shout out to the Brewers Association for all they do! Read some of the major findings direct from their official release below. Also, here is a link to the awesome infographic stating some uplifting finds small and independent breweries made happen this year.
Peep it:

In 2016…

●     Brewery Count: Five thousand strong and growing, there are now 5,005 breweries in the U.S. compared to 10,000 wineries. Almost all (99%) are small and independent craft brewers.

●     Continued Growth for the Segment: By mid-year, small and independent breweries grew by eight percent, reflecting dynamism and a bright spot for the domestic beer market.

●     Never Go Out of Styles: IPAs continue to hop up, now accounting for roughly one-quarter of craft volume.  More sessionable styles, including golden ales, pilseners and pale lagers, are up 33 percent, totaling nearly five percent of craft.

●     Freedom of Choice: As the world’s two largest brewers merged into a multinational conglomerate two and a half times the size of the U.S. beer market, the BA was at the center of the discussion, advocating for fair competition for the nation’s small and independent craft brewers and access to market ensuring beer enthusiasts get to continue to choose from a vast variety of options. Approximately 65 percent of craft beer lovers said they are drinking more craft specifically because it offers more variety.

●     Homebrewing Impact: The National Homebrew Competition continues to be the world's largest beer competition with 7,962 entries. A recent measurement of homebrewing found that its 1.2 million participants created over 11,000 jobs, resulting in more than $1 billion in spending and over $700 million in revenues.

●     Beer Destinations: Recognizing a rising interest in beer tourism, Travelocity enlisted the expertise of the BA to find the country's best beer destinations and create the very first Beer Tourism Index. Additionally, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA)—the leading community for homebrewers—unveiled a list of cities across the U.S. where homebrewing is on the rise.

●     American Craft Beer Abounds Abroad: Craft beer export volume increased by 16.3 percent, totaling 446,151 barrels and worth $116 million. More than 100 small and independent craft brewers export their beer internationally, spreading the culture and community of craft beer and a growing recognition and respect for American brewers.

●     Bipartisan Beer Support: With a craft brewery in nearly every congressional district in the country, more than half of the U.S. Congress now supports the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act. The BA has been a key player in moving forward this bipartisan legislation that seeks to recalibrate the current federal excise tax structure for the nation’s brewers and reform burdensome laws regulating America’s brewing industry.

●     History Has Its Eyes on Beer: With support from the Brewers Association, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History announced that it will launch a three-year initiative to collect, document and preserve the history of brewing, craft brewers and the beer industry in America. The job posting for a Historian to study brewing history was one of the most viral beer stories of the year, an indicator of how much people care about this vital industry.

●     Perfect Pair: Beer and food continue to find harmony on plates and palates. Seventy-three percent of craft beer purchasers gave “complements my meal” as a very or somewhat important selection criteria in their beer choice when dining out. Sixty-three percent select beer based on the food item or meal they are planning to enjoy.

Note: Figures are a compilation of data provided by the Brewers Association, IRI Group and Nielsen and do not represent all craft beer sales. The Brewers Association will release a comprehensive annual analysis of craft brewer production in March of 2017. 

Happy Sippin'!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Second Self Beers are in Alabama December 1st!

Photo courtesy of Blue Hominy.
Atlanta's own Second Self hits state #2 this Thursday!

Ahhhh! I love success stories for craft breweries, and it really hits close to home when I am one of the first to try their beer before they even hit mass production. That's the case with Atlanta-based Second Self Beer Company, who in their second year have not only dramatically expanded their West ATL production facilities, but is now crossing the Georgia border and heading to Alabama on December 1st. 
It seemed like only yesterday when I sipped the Thai Wheat Second Self co-founder and brewmaster Jason Santamaria had on tap in the pantry of his loft almost four years ago for me to try. He was excited and said his dream would be for Atlanta to be sipping it soon. Well it has been realized and now Second Self has a variety of brews in cans, on tap everywhere, and by invading the South by demand one state at a time. Congrats Alabama, you have another Georgia brewery! The year-round joints include the Thai Wheat, Citrus IPA, and Red Hop Rye; Maverick & Gose and Molé Porter will be the seasonals. 
Read the official release below along with beer descriptions and their food pairings. 

Starting December 1st, craft beers from Atlanta’s Second Self Beer Company will be available outside Georgia for the first time in Alabama

Brewery’s Highly Acclaimed Year-Round & Seasonal Beers Offered on Draft and in Cans

Starting on December 1st and for the first time since launching in Atlanta in fall 2014, beers from Second Self Beer Company will be available outside Georgia, in Alabama. Year-round favorites and rotating seasonals will be sold on draft and in cans at bars, restaurants, and shops throughout Birmingham, Montgomery, Auburn and surrounding counties.

Represented in Alabama by Pinnacle Imports—a craft beer and fine wine distributor that has served the state for over two decades—Second Self will debut an initial lineup in Alabama that includes year-round favorites Thai Wheat, Citrus IPA, and Red Hop Rye, joined by seasonal releases, Maverick & Gose, and Molé Porter. Each of Second Self’s brews is crafted with fresh ingredients, and additional beers will roll out in future months.

Look for the following beers in Alabama:
·         Thai Wheat (5.1% ABV, 18 IBU)—a year-round American Wheat. This spicy beer is as exotic as the country that inspired it, with fresh lemongrass & ginger for a refreshing aroma & taste.
Suggested pairings: fish, chicken, pork loin, grilled vegetables, sushi & Asian cuisine

·         Citrus IPA (6.2% ABV, 50 IBU)—a year-round IPA that packs a citrus punch yet isn’t overly bitter. It’s made with citrusy hops: Columbus, Amarillo, Citra & just a touch of lemon, orange & grapefruit peel to enhance the citrus aroma without any bitterness. The beer is then dry-hopped with more Amarillo & Citra hops for the added hoppy, citrus punch. The aroma is sweet, yet the taste is dry with a robust IPA finish. 
Suggested parings: pan-roasted trout, mussels, artichokes, potato soup & gruyere cheese

·         Red Hop Rye (7.3% ABV, 69 IBU)—a Red IPA with an abundance of hoppy citrus aromas from dry-hopping. Spicy rye mixed with hops & balanced by a malty backbone from American caramel & honey malts.
Suggested pairings: BBQ, steak, burgers, brats, cheddar cheese & spicy foods

·         Molé Porter (6.5% ABV, 27 IBU)—a chocolate porter with extra spices reminiscent of Second Self Co-founder Jason Santamaria’s family recipe for Oaxacan sauce. This robust porter is packed with flavor to warm you up this winter.
Suggested pairings: pork or beef tacos, stews & chilis, gruyere cheese & chocolate desserts

·         Maverick & Gose (4.4% ABV, 8 IBU)—a fresh take on a traditional Gose with the addition of coriander. Dry-hopped with fruity Wakatu hops to balance out a slightly tart & salty nature.
Suggested pairings: grilled grouper, oysters, guacamole, pineapple & beach volleyball

Second Self Beer Company is a nationally recognized craft brewery that has been featured in Food & Wine, DRAFT Magazine, Beer Advocate, Fortune, Paste Magazine and many more.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Megadeth And Unibroue collab on a saison called À Tout Le Monde!

This is a nice stocking stuffer for metal heads and beer geeks!

Cheers everyone!
I love beer and music, and when I see the two collaborating on a project, I have to show love! I often combine the two with especially my celebrity beer tastings like this, and try to promote actual brews that do it as well including AC/DC and Robinsons Brewery, and Dan The Automator and Dogfish Head.
Jerry Vietz/Unibroue.com
Well now it's Unibroue—the Belgian-inspired brewer out of Chambly, Québec, Canada—adding another solid ale to their award-winning lineup inspired by music called the À Tout Le Monde. The maker of what I consider one of the best beers in the world, the La Fin Du Monde tripel, Unibroue maintains their prestige with this light-bodied, refreshing saison based on the friendship between Unibroue Brewmaster Jerry Vietz and Dave Mustaine, lead singer of the legendary heavy metal group out of Los Angeles, Megadeth. The beer’s name comes from Megadeth's song “A Tout Le Monde” (To Everyone) off their 2007 album United Abominations. (See the official video for it here.)
Dave Mustaine/Megadeth.com
Besides them both using the word “Monde” and the song being a huge hit in Québec to the point it is in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, there is a lot more to recognize according to Vietz.
“At Unibroue, we appreciate flavor, and we know Megadeth is anything but boring,” the brewmaster says. “To Megadeth’s delight and that of their fans and connoisseurs, we’re offering an uncompromising beer with rich hoppy aromas, created according to Dave’s personal tastes.”
Mustaine adds, “Our shared passion for excellence produced a one-of-a-kind saison beer. I’m thrilled to present this new beer to my fans, and everyone who loves good beers with character.”
And another plus: Unibroue's artwork is consistently dope, often brandishing eye-popping paintings paying homage to the classiness of yesteryear's fine art; the Tout's bottle contuinues their streak of eye candy but with the edgy Megadeth edge these rockers are renowned for. 
Ultimately, any fans of Unibroue, Megadeth or simply great beer that pairs well with food due to its effervescent body to cleanse the tongue; subtle citrus and mango notes fused with a pleasant tartness; peppery undertones; and a dry finish, grab a 750 ml or four-pack before it's gone!



Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hit up Krog Street Market's 2nd Anniversary tonight!

Food samples, live music and sips from 6 to 10! 

I love going to Krog Street Market for my brews at Hop City, bites at Chef Todd Richards' chicken spot, bragging about the burgers at Fred's, Superica's gangster Mexican fare, inventive sushi at Craft Izakya, brunch at Ticonderoga, and the overall vibe of this hot spot everyone needs to frequent right off Atlanta's Beltline. I always bring visitors from out of town there because it's basically a one-stop kicking it kind of deal. 
Well it's their second anniversary tonight and it will certainly be a blast to hit up from 6 to 10 p.m.! 
Let's celebrate!