Monday, February 27, 2017

Check out SweetWater’s Warm Art event this weekend!

Art, music, and beer? Oh my!

Now you know I love hosting events that incorporate music, art and yes, beer! Well evidently, so does SweetWater! My homey and gangster brewer Chris Meadows along with his SweetWater squad are hosting a dope event this weekend. If many if you remember, we did an awesome event together to launch my creative agency called Beast Feast. It was amazing and we will surely collaborate again in the near future. But for now, this joint called Warm Art held in their new sour facility called The Woodlands next to the main brewery is popping this upcoming Sunday, March 5th. Here is the info below straight from the source.

The homey Chris Meadows is throwing down this Sunday. He knows how to party!
Do you enjoy art, music and beer? Then check this out!

Warm Art has been bridging the gap between music and art in Atlanta since 2002. To celebrate our history and friendships together, we've rented out SweetWater Brewing Company's newest facility, called The Woodlands. This new facility is not only a world-class event space, it's also home to SweetWater's new sour beer & barrel-aging projects.
As if the stunning backdrop of barrels, puncheons and foeders was not enough to look at; we are turning the facility into an art gallery for the evening. Prints and paintings of all sizes will be on display and for sale throughout the facility. Ten different artists will be in attendance, & Pieter van der Meer will be painting live during the event. Warm Art has quite the history with Pieter. We've played music during many events while he paints live, creating many pieces throughout the years. The injection of music, djs and a social environment add to our experience as artists. Our music can influence his art, and his art can influence our choice in music.
Join us on Sunday, March 5th for a very special event. Warm Art will set the mood with smoked beats, served chilled; SweetWater's Woodlands Project will provide the liquids.
The event is free to attend, however to enjoy the selection of craft drafts being served, a custom commemorative glass is available for $20 and includes your tickets for beers at the bar.
Commemorative glass is yours to keep as a souvenir.
* DJ's include Rob Dowell, Brett Soll, Christian Thomas, Justin Brady, Chris Meadows & Ryan Wofford
** the specific beer list will be published prior to the event and will be custom-tuned for this event by SweetWater's Lead Brewer Chris Meadows and The Woodlands Project's Manager Troy Montrone. Several one-of-a-kind kegs and pilot brews will be served in addition to the regular SW lineup. Funky beers, sour beers, barrel-aged-beers, pilot beers from "The Hatchery" and "Big Fish" from the year-round lineup.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Second Self Releases Manic Pixie Russian Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Stout today!

These dope cans are hooked up by Artist Keith P. Rein!

Another dope beer event in Atlanta from 1 to 4 today. I am on the way!
Here is the official info: 

Available in Four-Packs with 16-Ounce Cans Designed By Artist Keith P. Rein

“Beer That Exists for Your Mere Enjoyment”
Atlanta-based Second Self Beer Company announces the upcoming release of MANIC PIXIE DREAM BEER #1 (13.9% ABV, 65 IBU), a Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout aged for 11 months in BLiS bourbon-maple-syrup barrels. Fusing art and beer, MANIC PIXIE DREAM BEER #1 comes in a four-pack wrapped in art by illustrator Keith P. Rein.Each 16-ounce can showcases its own unique design highlighting one of the four main elements of the beer: BOURBON, MAPLE, COFFEE, and OATS.
Tasting Notes: Nose of oak, rich mahogany, and hint of coffee, fading into the sweetness of maple syrup. The first sip brings a wave of flavor, starting with aged maple syrup mixed with roasted malts and a bourbon finish. Hints of rich leather, tobacco and oak tannins add to the complexity of this beer. Like with all Manic Pixies, the result is a lingering feeling to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.
Suggested pairings: Belgian waffles with maple syrup, roasted lamb chops, pungent cheeses, foie gras, anything quirky.
Deserving of its name, this super rare and exceptional beer was created “for your mere enjoyment.” It has been in development for over a year, and the cinematic-inspired moniker mirrors Second Self’s recent release MAVERICK & GOSE (a dry-hopped, fresh take on a traditional gose)—referencing “Top Gun.”
Starting in February, the first iteration of MANIC PIXIE DREAM BEER will be sold in cans and on draft at Second Self Beer Company’s Westside Atlanta brewery at 1317 Logan Circle NW and at limited bars and restaurants around Georgia. Second Self will periodically release MANIC PIXIE DREAM BEER in coming years, in extremely limited quantities and only when a recipe is particularly outstanding and worthy of the name. Each release will feature its own art.
Born in Athens, Georgia, artist Keith P. Rein is a neo, pin-up artist who has worked as an illustrator in the design industry for nearly a decade. His art combines his love of humor, sexuality, geek and pop culture to produce an original body of work, blending watercolor with digital painting.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Go See 'Get Out' the movie. Plain and Simple.

You will be like this. 

Plain and simple, go see Get Out
I went to the media screening on Tuesday and still can't forget it. 
It has horror, humor, tackles real issues, and of course when Jordan Peele is involved, things are pushed to the very edge for the win. Well worth the admission, book your tickets. It opens today. I suggest you avoid the previews though. They are a little generous with the coverage. Regardless, there a lot more surprises.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Orpheus releases Abandon All Hope Imperial Stout aged in three different barrels tonight!

One of my favorite artists, R.Land, did the art for this joint!
This, plus the gangster draft list below makes it a ridiculous evening!

Say What?! Vanilla beans, three barrels, and 13.9%? Oh my!

Plain and simple, you do not want to miss this one. Listen to this Abandon All Hope Imperial Stout description straight from the source:
“Over a year in the making, we're finally releasing bottles of Abandon All Hope, a 13.9% Imperial Stout that aged on vanilla beans and spent 12 months in a blend of Woodford Reserve Double Oak, Heaven Hill 10 year, and Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select bourbon barrels. Ticket includes brewery tour with two (2) 22 oz bottles of Abandon All Hope and a beer tasting with 7 samples.” 

Tickets on freshtix  are $51 at the brewery and well worth it! You get two 22 oz bottles of the All Hope Imperial Stout and tastings of numerous other special sippers below go live this Thursday at noon. Get 'em here. (From Orpheus: Tickets are limited, and the event will be open only to people with tickets. You'll be able to buy up to 2 tickets at a time, but by law you'll need the other person with you to claim the 2nd. There will be no refunds or chance to come back and get the extra bottles if the 2nd person isn't there.)
The gangster draft list includes:
  • Abandon All Hope (Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Vanilla Beans, 13.9%)
  • Ye Who Enter Here (Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Coffee, Chiles, and Vanilla Beans, 14%)
  • The Sirens (Green Strawberry Wild Ale aged in Wine Barrels, 5%)
  • Cognac Barrel-aged Sykophantes (Fig Sour Ale aged in Cognac barrels, 9%)
  • Those Who Cast Shadows (Sour Ale aged in Port barrels, 8%)
  • Transmigration of Souls (Double IPA, 10%)
  • Maenads Tripel (Native Yeast Tripel, 9%)
  • Sykophantes Blanc (Sour Ale with Golden Figs, 9%)
  • Noise and Flesh (Wild Ale aged in wine barrels, 4.4%)
  • Stone and Flesh (Wild Ale aged in wine barrels and refermented with GA peaches, 4.4%)

See you there!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Alpine has ‘Windows Up’ all year plus two more gangster IPAs on deck!

No doubt, ‘Windows Up’ IPA is my shizznit! And there will be more? Hell yeah!

Getting back into the swing of things after a killer 20th anniversary celebration at SweetWater this past Sunday and then a flood of work following it on Monday, here is my first of many Cruisin’ For A Brewsin’ updates. So much is going on so be ready!
First up, one of the top three IPAs I've had so far in 2017 is the Alpine Windows Up IPA. Reppin’ Cali, this brew is simply phenomenal and I love the name. I am sure you get it if you are reading my site. Ha! Here is its official breakdown straight outta Alpine:
“Windows Up is a single IPA made with Mosaic and Citra hops. It pours a hazy straw color and is topped with bright white beer foam. Piney aromas mingle with fruity notes, while hints of citrus fruit and an overall lingering resinous quality lend a touch of complexity to this dank IPA and is 7% ABV.”
Well, I got the good news that that there will also be an Exponential Hoppiness Double IPA followed by the Bad Boy Double IPA in the Spring. They know their IPAs so expect nothing but continued greatness.

Stay tuned for more news on what Alpine has poppin’. For more info, hit up